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Committees and Working Groups

Thank you to the consumer advisors, clinicians and researchers who participate in the PROpatient committees and working groups. We would not be able to help patients without your ongoing support.

Steering Committee

Dr Liane Ioannou, Chair

Prof John Zalcberg 

Prof Sue Evans

Dr Daniel Croagh

Dr Claudia Rutherford

Dr Charles Pilgrim

Prof Wendy Brown

Prof Kate White

Prof Jennifer Philip

Prof Arul Earnest 

Dr Darshini Ayton

Prof Penny Schofield

Mr David Attwood

Mr Peter Bairstow

Mr John Liman

Dr Ri Scarborough

Prof Afaf Girgis

Prof Danny Liew

Prof Jon Emery

Ms Theresa Dodson

Ms Kate Furness

Ms Seleena Sherwell

Advisory Working Group

Dr Liane Ioannou, Chair

PROpatient Steering Committee

PROpatient Team

Ms Elysia Greenhill

A/Prof Rachel Neale

Dr Ashika Maharaj

Statistical Working Group

Dr Liane Ioannou, Chair

Prof John Zalcberg

Prof Madeleine King

Ms Tjuntu (TJ) Muhlen-Schulte

Ms Bianka D'souza

Ms Tennille Lewin

Prof Penny Schofield

Prof Sue Evans

Prof Danny Liew

Prof Arul Earnest

Clinical Working Group

Lisa Brady, Co-chair

Tina Griffiths, Co-chair

John Zalcberg

Alanna Bowen

Ben Thomson

Kate White

Kathy Watty

Linda Watson

Maria Ftanou

Meg Rogers

Mehrdad Nikfarjam

Stephen Brown

Sue-Anne McLachlan

Brett Knowles

Cate Milnes

Christine Mooney

Daniel Croagh

Emily Banting

Kaye Walsh

Kristy Mcrae

Angela Mellerick

Michael Hii

Michael Collins

Michael Franco

Suzanne Bartlett

Tamsin Bryan

Emily Baker

Gael Wilder

Geoff Chong

Helen Mott

Jennifer Philip

Kontoku Shimokawa

Kirsten Seletto

Kiara Montuoro

Niall Tebbutt

Paul Cashin

Theresa Dodson

Simone Reeves

Trevor Leong

Jennifer Weil

Jon Emery

Karen Byrne

Kate Furness

Kate Lyons

Leanne Mansfield

Lachlan Terry

Polly Dufton

Rachel Wong

Richard Cade

Consumer Advisory Group


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