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Improving Quality of Life for People with Upper-Gastrointestinal Cancer

PROpatient is a research project that wants to improve the quality of life for people with pancreatic or oesophagogastric cancers. We want to see if improved care-coordination and symptom-monitoring can achieve this.

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About Us

The PROpatient project is funded by the Victorian Cancer Agency, and is being overseen by the Monash University Cancer Research Program. Participants will be recruited through Monash University's Upper-Gastrointestinal Registry.

Everyone deserves to receive the best care possible - we want to contribute to this and do our part to help keep improving healthcare standards.

Latest News

A qualitative investigation of the supportive care experiences of people living with pancreatic and oesophagogastric cancer

Nadia N. Khan, Ashika Maharaj, Sue Evans, Charles Pilgrim, John Zalcberg, Wendy Brown, Paul Cashin, Daniel Croagh, Natasha Michael, Jeremy Shapiro, Kate White and Liane Ioannou

Pancreatic and oesophagogastric (OG) cancers have a dismal prognosis and high symptom burden, with supportive care forming an integral component of the care provided to patients. This study aimed to explore the supportive care experiences of patients and caregivers living with pancreatic and OG cancers in order to identify perceived opportunities for improvement.

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